Artist Biography

1988 European Exhibition of Fine Art, Tokyo
1989 Still Life Prize, Society of Artists
1990 Showcase, Omell, Albemarle St., London
1991 Published, Solomon and Whitehead, London
1993 Exhibition, The Eyes Have It, Skipton, North Yorkshire
1995 Nomination, Women of Achievement
1995 Exhibition, Call In The Night, West Yorkshire Playhouse
1998 Exhibition, Prelude To A Kiss, Corporate Show, Leeds
2000 Exhibition, FKAA, Leeds
2001 Exhibition, Pfizer Inc., New York
2002 Exhibition, Above The Line, Leeds
2003 Published, Canadian Art Prints, Richmond, Canada
2004 Showcase, Chetkin Gallery, New Jersey
2005 Showcase, Craghead Gallery, Carmel, California
2006 Solo Exhibition, Withdrawing To The Local Landscape, Bolton Abbey
2007 Exhibition, Landscape on Silk in Couture, Design Block, London
2008 Showcase, The Ilkley Gallery
2009 Showcase, Tamara Lawson Gallery, Ilkley
2010 Solo Exhibition, The Bingley Gallery
2010 Bequest to Leeds City Art Gallery
2010 Exhibition, Royal College of Art, London
2010 Private Collection, Paris
2012 Solo Exhibition, Northern Landscapes, The Leeds Gallery
2013 Solo Exhibition, Clothworkers’ Hall, Leeds University
2014 Showcase, Tamara Lawson Gallery, Harrogate
2015 York Races Auction for Macmillan
2016 Showcase, Chetkin Gallery, New Jersey
2018 Spring Exhibition, Smart Gallery, Harrogate
2018 November, Solo Retrospective, The Manor House, Ilkley
2019 September, Solo Exhibition, The Bingley Gallery
2020 November, Solo Exhibition, New Work, Judith’s Studio, Leeds